a frazzled woman sits at a typewriter with one finger poised to type
Writing as Art Therapy

Writing a novel is an exercise in determination, and however long it may take, the payoff is totally worth it for your mental health.… Read More


Borderline Vlog Videos are uploaded as often as possible and will be added to this page whenever we remember to do so. If you can, please go to our YouTube channel and subscribe. Don’t forget to … Read More


On the Borderline with Katie Reed In this episode, Katie recalls how she was diagnosed with BPD and offers a trigger warning as she discusses her suicide attempts. A general discussion of the myths surrounding BPD … Read More

Who Is Katie Reed?

Interviews and Exerpts Katie has appeared as a guest on other sites and podcasts through the years discussing her mental health journey, as well as her life as a mom of four and the inherent difficulties … Read More

woman with tattoo on leg looks sad while holding mug of tea in bed
The Impossibility of Living With Mental Illness

Living with mental illness is difficult enough on its own, but navigating the world and trying to focus on self care without alienating the people around you can seem impossible. This post discusses these issues in a candid and frank way. … Read More

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