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Writing as Art Therapy

Writing a novel is an exercise in determination, and however long it may take, the payoff is totally worth it for your mental health.

woman with tattoo on leg looks sad while holding mug of tea in bed

The Impossibility of Living With Mental Illness

Living with mental illness is difficult enough on its own, but navigating the world and trying to focus on self care without alienating the people around you can seem impossible. This post discusses these issues in a candid and frank way.

Five Affirmations for Mental Health

Repeating positive affirmations every day can help you be a better person. They can give you the vision to see yourself in a new way and make better choices because you believe in yourself.

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

In this new world of brave men and women speaking out on the subject of mental health, how do we raise our voices without accidentally doxxing those who have informed our lives in negative ways – especially those whom we love and appreciate despite the hurt they’ve caused?