Five Affirmations for Mental Health

A while back, I wrote a post about how to write daily affirmations that really work. I started reciting affirmations to help me be more productive in my life, and they worked really well for me. More recently, though, issues with depression and other mental illnesses started to get in the way of my productivity, and I found that I needed to change up my affirmations to help realign the way I think and treat myself.

Affirmations can be an incredibly positive and helpful thing to use in life, even if they can often make you feel a little silly. But the power is undeniable, and with these simply little phrases you can help train your mind to see the world in a more positive and helpful light.

Read on to see some of my favorite daily affirmations for mental health and clarity.

I love myself for who I am.

Learning to love yourself is a HUGE deal. We all have a lot of negative self-talk that we pour on ourselves due to how we look, how much money we make, our talents and other minor issues we think we have. We are our own worst critics, and we treat ourselves worse than we treat anyone else. Even if you find it hard to love and accept yourself for who you are, saying these words out loud will help you to believe that you are worth loving.

My feelings matter.

Way too often, we allow others to walk all over us because we think that we don’t deserve to have a voice. The truth is that it is our one and only life to live, and it matters very much that we are feeling good about what is happening. If we don’t allow ourselves to feel our feelings and act on them, then what is the point of it all? Give yourself permission to be happy, sad, angry or any other emotion – and feel free to say these things out loud. You deserve to be heard.

I choose to let go of my fear.

Fear is the number one thing that holds people back. It isn’t always about fear of failure – often it is the fear of success. After all, if we fail, we can feel bad, think things through and move on. But if we succeed, it draws attention to us and often brings others into our lives. Succeeding at anything will inevitably garner both good and bad attention. We fear success because we think if we fail later, it’ll be that much harder to take. But the truth is that letting go of fear allows us to focus our attention on always moving forward and letting ourselves fly.

I deserve happiness.

When we let go of fear and allow ourselves to feel things, we invite into our lives the possibility of happiness. Every person on this earth deserves to feel happy. Giving ourselves permission to seek out happiness is not a selfish act. It is an act of determination and shows that we understand how happiness in our own lives can have a butterfly effect on the entire world. Seek happiness in even the little things in your life, and it will make every part of your life better.

I am grateful for my life.

One of the worst parts of depression and other mental illnesses is the feeling that we don’t deserve to be here or that we’d be better off dead. It’s a very real feeling that many of us have, and it comes and goes sometimes for years. But practicing the idea of being grateful will help you to see all of the good that you have to offer the world. Think about any and all reasons you are grateful to be here. Your life has touched countless others’ lives, and without you the world would not be what it is. Find something each and every day to be grateful for and you will have a reason to hold on a little longer. Eventually you’ll have a long list of beautiful things on your gratitude list.

Repeating affirmations every day, whether once or multiple times, can give you a more positive outlook on life and help you to live the life you’ve always dreamed about having. Give it a try and see what happens!

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