On the Borderline with Katie Reed

In this episode, Katie recalls how she was diagnosed with BPD and offers a trigger warning as she discusses her suicide attempts.

A general discussion of the myths surrounding BPD and her own experiences.

Finally, is there a link between PCOS and borderline? Does high testosterone = aggression = more severe personality disorders? 

In this episode of On the Borderline, host Katie Reed discusses how companies have found a way to exploit and monetize mental illness. She discusses a recent experience where a supposed invite to a mental health advocacy event turned into a sales pitch to join a dubious new MLM that claimed to have all the answers.

Have we reached a point in reducing mental health stigma where it’s now okay to start marketing products to this demographic? Are we victimizing the most vulnerable? Is it okay to profit from pain? 

Also being discussed:

Is religion like an MLM?
Does therapy have to be with a doctor?
Is mental health always tied to physical health?

A trailer for the first season of On the Borderline with Katie Reed. Quick introduction to the subject of Borderline Personality Disorder, as well as the host.